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This is a topic I’ve talking about a lot and will keep talking about because Us women NEED to STOP talking to OURSELVES like SHIT! Seriously. Watch the video and you will know what I mean.

I’ve written about this topic in my article for Jina Shaefer’s site as well, you can read it here.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and said something negative directly to yourself? How many times have you said this out loud: “Ah, I’m such a dumbass!” If you have said this out loud, about yourself, in front of other people then the signal that it sends to these other people is that they are allowed to speak to you that way as well.

When you say something negative about yourself out loud, it is giving others the permission to say negative things about you to your face. You are giving them the example that this is OK.

Now let’s turn the tables.

If someone came up to you and said that exact thing as I mentioned above: “You dumbass!”, would you allow it? Wouldn’t you fire up and say, “EXCUSE ME!£”£$%”£!! What did you just say to me?” If you don’t confront the rude talker this way then they will not know that they are not allowed to speak to you that way.

It’s your turn to say that to the rude talker in you.

Next time you catch yourself saying something mean to yourself in the mirror and out loud, spark up and say “EXCUSE ME!”£!$!! You are not allowed to talk to ME that way!” Yes, you are talking to yourself in a way but know this: You are talking to your mean self which is separate from your pure self. That mean voice in you needs to be told to pipe down and shut up.

Go find a mirror.

Right now, go find a mirror. It could be a full length mirror or a pocket mirror. Look yourself in the eye, take a deep breath and let the emotions rise up. Take another deep breath, look into your your eyes and say this, as deeply as you can mean it: I love you.

How did it feel to do that? Was it difficult? Did you feel like crying? Did you smile? Were you comforted? Did you feel protected? I want to know! Please try this and tell me in the comments what your reaction was.

Love you guys,


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