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I went to Spirited Sessions by Robyn Silverton & Rebecca Campbell in Freshwater, NSW earlier this month and during the final exercise, this is what my heart declared as my deepest wishes.

I’m sharing with you here in the hope to record this, publicly, and if you feel inspired to, you can take yourself through the exercise as well! Just grab a blank piece of paper and at the top, write “My deepest wish for myself for 2015 is…” and then fill up the page with whatever comes through. The final and most important part of the exercise is: TRUST that what came through is pure. HONOUR it, cherish it, feel it and then you will automatically live it!

Disclaimer: This is modified from Robyn and Rebecca’s format because I didn’t want to rip off their work. To get the fullness out of this exercise, find a way to attend a Spirited Session! It’s worth it. The vibe was so strong and awesome by the end of it that even my teeth were buzzing. I highly recommend it.

Here is what came through for me during the exercise.



Open my heart

Live in the heart

Live by the heart

Forgive in the same second

Forgive instantly (Christ, help on this one please!)

Manifest from the sacred place in my heart

Love openly

Let the Love channel through me

Step up to the stage to teach

Show up


Say Thank You

With my love,


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