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In transit. Transitioning. Going through a phase – whatever you call it, I’m in it right now. I’m in the awkward stage of moving into self-employment, into full time working for myself and it is scary. The strange thing however is what is scaring me most; questions I didn’t even consider before I took the plunge and left my 9-5 job. Questions like these:

  • How to spend my days without the structure of getting up and going to the office in the morning?
  • Who will motivate me?
  • What if no one will respond to my work?
  • How did I ever think that blogging 8 hours a day would not be fun?
  • Why does it feel so lonely to work for yourself?

These are just basic questions that completely slipped my mind before. I was focused on other things like making a business plan. The reality is that questions like the above are what will get the way of most people when they are trying to make the transition from employment to working for yourself.

Remember what you do Well

I’m not a self-employment expert yet but I am really good at taking care of myself so in this difficult transition phase, I’m remembering what I do well and continuing to take care of myself. If you are going through a difficult transition like moving houses/neighbourhoods/cities or making a big change in your job or going through a breakup which can lead to moving houses/neighbourhoods/cities, maybe the following tips will help you.

Taking Care of Yourself During a Difficult Transition

Get outside everyday. This sounds simple and obvious but it is far too tempting to stay in bed a little longer or lounge in your comfy sweatpants all day long. Resist. Get up early, using whatever trick or incentive to yourself you need to use and get out of the house. Head to the local cafe or find the snazziest and biggest library you can and spend some time with a book or your laptop there. I’ve been visiting the gynormous British Library for over a week now and it’s starting to feel like a second home with bonus free wifi!

Put on some makeup and do your hair, everyday, even if you never leave the house. I learnt this from Sarah Jenks and until I heard her say it, I didn’t realize the importance of such a simple daily ritual. As girls, it’s important for us to feel pretty and polished and put-together. Because we are emotional creatures, how we feel about how we look outside will affect how we actually act. If such a small action can affect how I act (with confidence and grace) then yes, I’ll happily make it a daily ritual.

Move. Daily exercise is important, everyone says it, but during a difficult transition phase, go workout as if your life depended on it. It will save you depression even if a few hours of momentary freedom from depression a day. My daily yoga class is saving me right now.

Help someone else. As Aung San Suu Kyi said, “When you are feeling helpless, help someone.” This is like a magic formula that always works. When I’m feeling sad, I write. It used to be in my journal and that would help me. Now it’s in my blog and on this site because this way, I hope it will help you.

The good news about a transition is the fact that is does end after it has taken your from one state of being to another. Let’s look forward to the new state with excitement instead of worrying about how difficult this transitory phase is right now.

Here’s to looking forward.



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