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I quit my 9-5  job a month and a half ago with big plans to “blog like a pro”, create amazing online courses, write eBooks and “sell stuff online”. What happened instead was a month long vacation during which I barely checked my email and hid from the fact that I was now jobless in the excitement of spending the holiday season with my family in Canada. Then, as soon as I came back to the city where I live and back down to earth, I quickly went into the biggest panic I’ve ever been in.

[blockquote_right] [themecolor]WHAT HAVE I DONE? What am I going to do now?[/themecolor][/blockquote_right] “WHAT HAVE I DONE? What am I going to do now? Why can’t I get excited about blogging anymore, let alone like a pro? What happened to that amazing online course that was all done down to the last detail in my head? Where is it now and why wont it come out and let me create it in reality? Why am I scared of picking up the eBook I have already written and flesh it out into a real book that is VALUABLE to others? Why have I suddenly forgotten how to be motivated?” These were the loudest thoughts in my head.

I was completely LOST…

…so I reached out and asked for help. I asked my friend Jenny Sansouci for help. I have looked up to Jenny for a long time. She took the entrepreneurial jump 4 years before I built myself up to it and has blazed the trail for dreamers like me to follow. This is exactly how I asked her for help in an email:

I am completely LOST. How do I get things done? What happened to all the motivation I had before I quit the 9-5? Even my dreams seem intangible.
I know you’ve been through this phase already so I wanted to ask you for some tips and words of advice on how to make this weird and difficult transition.

She came back to me with some advice that saved my new life – literally. If Jenny and my other friend Sammy Davis didn’t offer me help at that time, I would have been employed again, already.

Here’s what Jenny said:

  1. Find one or two other people who are in a similar entrepreneurial state as you as having some type of support system is crucial.
  2. Immerse yourself in inspirational blogs and videos of others who had done it, and try to keep your head in the game.
  3. Remember, you’re not alone — every entrepreneur goes through it.

And the most life saving thing she said to me was: GOOD LUCK, reach out if you need me!!!! I’m in it with you. :)”  Jenny S and Ritu A

That’s Jenny and me in New York, December 2013.

So what to do when you feel completely lost in self-employment? REACH OUT to a friend (or stranger) who has done it before and ASK FOR HELP. You were not meant to do this alone, so let yourself off the hook and stop trying to be a solo warrior and fight by yourself through the battle of [themecolor]starting up[/themecolor].

Reach out to me! I promise to help as best as possible. Tweet Jenny and ask her and definitely check out her website: Healthy Crush and sign up for her Healthy Highs email.

We are in it with you.



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