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I typed this up in New Zealand. I had to travel there for work. Do you remember that back in November, I emailed you to say that I had quit my 9-5 job? I was so excited and promised not to work for another company ever again. I wanted to be self-employed. I thought it was easy.

Well, I was wrong. Self-employment takes a lot more than I have right now. The moment I quit my job, it was like I slammed the brakes on work. The Lifester nearly died off. Then because of many reasons, I got a new job and went back to the 9-5, which I’m very happy about.

It sounds like a sad story, but it isn’t because of what happened next. Suddenly, I was pushed back into MOMENTUM. (It’s such an elusive thing, this momentum.) Because I was being productive for 8-9 hours a day at work, I was constantly creating even when I wasn’t working. I was blogging on my commute, I was tweeting cool things regularly. I was feeding The Lifester again.

The point of me retelling this story is so that I remember not to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to start up a business and maybe remind you of the same. But that I really want you to hear is that I think we SHOULD be setting ourselves up for a TON of hard work so that we may create something.

So, I have a test for you. Think of something you would like to create – it could be an art project, a business, a blog, a book, anything. Now work backwards to see how much time, effort, hard knocks and getting out of your comfort zone it will take. Ask yourself, “Do I still want to do it – all or nothing?” If the answer is yes, then dive in. Be prepared and be patient but most of all, don’t give up.

Here’s me, not giving up.

Love you


P.s. In the comments section, can you tell me of a time when you went for it despite knowing how much work it would be? I want to hear your story.

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