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On September 14, 2014, I held the first Commute Meditation workshop in Manly, Australia. It was an incredible experience for me as the teacher and for the students as well. Some of us in the room we experienced meditators, some were brand new to it and we all were excited to learn this type of meditation. What attracted most people to the workshop was the fact that this meditation is designed to fit into your day effortlessly. There is no need to change your existing schedule or life to make room for it.

Meditation has to be something you want to do, something that is easy to do and something that is enjoyable for you on a personal level. Otherwise, if it is a chore, just don’t do it. I’d rather you spend time doing something you enjoy – for me, that’s meditation. Based on how much of it you want, and how effortlessly you can do it, start to incorporate it into your life.

If you live in Sydney, Australia, and you want to take an awesome meditation workshop with me, make sure you sign up to my newsletter. Also, save the below dates for my upcoming workshops:

Meaning of Om workshop – Qi Yoga, Manly – OCTOBER 26th, 2014

Commute Meditation workshop – Qi Yoga, Manly – NOVEMBER 5th, 2014



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