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Have you ever seen an event or festival somewhere and instantly you started wishing you could be there? For me, it used to me festivals like Tomorrowland in Belgium at first, then it was Awesomeness Fest that changes location each year and is geared more towards entrepreneurs. And now, it is yoga festivals! Enter Bali Spirit Festival.

The Bali Spirit Festival fell on my radar through Qi Yoga, an amazing yoga studio in Sydney where I go to learn as well to teach my weekly meditation class. I’ve been to the Yoga Show in London and frankly, I was not impressed. It was filled with pushy people many of whom were trying to outdo each other in their “coolness”. The visitors were more skeptical than excited and open, which didn’t help the mood either. But a festival is different from a show and this festival in particular, shows promise. Check out the event trailer here.

I wont be able to attend this year but I’m putting it out into the Universe that I would love to go next year as a workshop teacher. Hopefully you will see me right here in the meditation segment next year!

Thank you and thank you Universe! Bali, can’t wait to see you in person.



Photo credit: Bali Spirit Festival Facebook

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