Life in Transit – How to go through a transition gracefully

It seems like I am always in transition, especially in 2014. Like when I had quit my job and took my first brave and reckless step into attempting to be self-employed and by early January, was feeling majorly stuck. Then with the help of friends I starting coming of that transition. Now, I’m back in it again and this time I am up to my neck.

How do you keep your head up when you are neck deep? How do you attempt to have a normal life when everything you are used to changes. What do you do when  you feel like the world has knocked you down? Watch this video to see how I deal.

Remember Lifesters, keep your head up high. Take the punches on your chin and smile. Let go and flow. When you get off the transition train and arrive at your destination, you will look back and it will all make sense then. I promise.

How do you deal with transition? Let me know in the comments. I will definitely reply.




Ritu is an Atma Kriya Yoga and meditation teacher. A long time blogger and writer, she writes about personal development, spirituality, and meditation.

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